As a descendant of a line of artists, my world has been colored by creativity from a tender age. My childhood was a mosaic of crayons, pastels, and a kaleidoscope of materials, fostering a passion that has only deepened with time. In 2008, amid life’s busyness, I rekindled my bond with art to strike a balance, a pursuit that has been nurtured by the wisdom of many mentors.

My brush dances across the canvas, a symphony of color and emotion, reflecting a tapestry of inspirations—nature’s seasons, the warmth of the sun, the soulful play of musicians, and the pulse of cityscapes. Each painting is a fragment of my life’s narrative, woven with the threads of my dreams, the tenderness of my family, and the companionship of a cherished feline friend. This is where my heart meets the horizon of my canvas.

“Paint the flying spirit of the bird, rather than it’s feathers.”
– Robert Henri