About the Artist

A Brief Bio of the Artist; a Life Long Learner

Virginia Ronning comes from a family of artists. Her original passion for art started when she was very young when her creations involved crayons, dried plants, string, noodles, pastels, paints, pencils, glue, and any other interesting materials she could find.

Today, one of VR’s greatest creative joys is the blending of colour on canvas in a way that portrays meaningful aspects of life. These are often revealed in an abstract way. She is proud to say she is still learning and will continue to do so through her life time. One of her other pleasures is to take lessons each year with different local artists all of whom have deeply impacted her development and skill as an artist. Some of these wonderful teachers are Michelle Miller, Nicolas Pearce, Bill Porteous, Marion Avamy, Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon, and Carole Thompson.

VR’s other significant passions are her daughters (who are also incredible artists) and her work.  VR has been an educator working with youth for over 30 years. She is deeply committed to their well-being and firmly believes that our young people are our future. In addition to her art teachers, it is they who have offered her many important lessons and much opportunity to grow.