• Red Sails

    I definitely have a theme of enjoying painting anything that moves, wind, water, sails, people, and animals. In this painting, I imagined the sails moving in the wind. Every colour has energy which may be one reason different colours speak to each of us differently. To be able to put all these elements together in a spontaneous way is a delight. Horizons of all kinds call me…so naturally, an abstract water scene with boats arose. Dimensions: 24 X 30″, 61 X 76 cm Framed/Unframed: Unframed on Canvas Medium: Acrylic Price: $400 CAD

  • Water Glass

    This painting emerged from moving some of my favourite colours of paint around the canvas. Painting with oil is a delight in itself. There is a smoothness that entices the painter to keep moving colour around the shapes. These colours are spring and summer and will no doubt invite different thoughts and memories. Dimensions: 24 X 30, 61 X 76 Framed/Unframed: Unframed on Canvas Medium: Oil Price: $450 CAD