• Dance of the Peacock

    When I was in Portugal there was an outdoor stage. Dancing on this stage with no one but myself watching was the most beautiful male Peacock, turning, spinning, stepping, and fully opening his beautiful feathers. I painted him in an attempt to capture his playfulness, pride, and joy. If music had been playing he would have been attuned to the most magnificent beat. Dimensions: 16 X 20″, 41 X 51 Framed/Unframed: Unframed on Canvas Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price: 150

  • The Moose and the Goose

    Once again, this artist was playing with paint in the midst of COVID, quietly searching for images to show up. Being raised in Ontario where both moose and geese are prolific, these creatures are near and dear to my heart. So, naturally, I found them in this composition. Or should I say, they found me? What do you see? Dimensions: 24 X 24 “, 61 X 61 cm Framed/Unframed: Unframed on Canvas Medium: Oil on Canvas Price: 300

  • Time to Play

    I was born in the year of the Monkey and have this very playful side. Well suited to painting. My love for animals, their honesty, and their playfulness beckons me to paint them. I sometimes paint them perfectly still, curiously looking out at us, but usually, I love watching and painting them in motion, running or playing. The presence, movement, sounds, and energy made by horses, cows, and bulls have such a profound impact on the ground beneath their hooves and on those around them. I usually don’t use a photo reference when painting animals in the abstract because I want to focus on their beauty and energy rather than…

  • Ghost Rider

    This painting came to me with both tremendous love and sadness. My mother was an avid rider and had to give it up to take care of her family. This was a profound loss for her. When she died in 2021, when she was 93, I painted this painting as a testament to her love and energy for and with horses. The title came naturally. Dimensions: 24 X 24 or 61 X 61 Framed/Unframed: Canvas Medium: Oil Price: $300 CAD