• Sweet Madeline

    Growing up, I loved the stories of a 1939 book titled, Madeline (from my favourite city which is Paris). For those of you who remember, “They left the house at half past nine in two straight lines in rain or shine- the smallest one was Madeline.” Glimpsing at it now, I see what a sad story it actually was. This painting emerged organically as I was learning to paint buildings and people in abstract form…and low and behold, there were Madeline and her friends. I thoughts this might be a painting for a child’s bedroom. Dimensions: 16 X 20″ or 41 X 51 cm Framed/Unframed: Unframed on Canvas Medium: Acrylic…

  • Piano Man

    Sometimes, I start moving paint around a canvas, adding more colours and shapes, drips, and stamps. When I step back from the painting, images appear which I then enhance. I have a profound appreciation of music. This image of a young man playing the piano emerged so I continued developing he and the abstract ‘piano’, just enough to also give space for the viewer to see what they want. T Dimensions: 24 X 32, 61 X 81 Framed/Unframed: Framed in Gold Medium: Acrylic Price: $500 CAD

  • Reflective Figure

    One of my first oil paintings. When the pandemic arrived my first thought was that I would have more time to paint. But my concern about people in the world overshadowed my creative spirit preventing this. Instead, I found I needed to pause. This in turn invited much deep reflection about life, the future, and what was really important. In the face of that, I occasionally returned to my paints because I knew I needed to. So whenever I could, I picked the colours that moved me, the medium, oil or acrylic, and put paint on the canvas. Eventually, this image emerged. To me, she/he/they is an abstract of a…

  • Best Friends

    I want to recognize a photographer whose photo I borrowed from an ear-torn magazine. There was no name to honour, but I want to thank this artist. I painted the image because it reminded me of those precious moments with girlfriends, gazing into the future, while sharing stories and dreams. Dimensions: 24 X 30 “, 61 X 76 cm Framed/Unframed: Unframed on Canvas Medium: Acrylic Price: $425 CAD

  • Now to the Beach

    Spending time with family in Cape Cod (‘on the cape’) provided blissful, playful days in the sun, building sand castles, spending hours in the tangy cool salt water, digging for clams, and jumping away from their water squirts and waves. Body surfing was a favourite. Childhood friends were always included adding to the joyful memories. This painting captured these pleasant memories. Dimensions: 14 X 18″, 35.5 X 46 cm Framed/Unframed: Framed Medium: Acrylic Price: $325 CAD

  • Lady in Nude Repose

    A sensuous image of a beautiful woman in repose. Painting for me is intuitive. It offers energy even in those peaceful moments and quiet spaces. I have an image in my mind and let the paints and brushes guide me. There is something so beautiful about painting the human body. Not only are they sensuous and inviting, they invite the viewer, with their own perspective, to create their own thoughts and inspiration. Dimensions: 21.5 ” X 37.5 ” or 55 X 95 cm Framed/Unframed: Wooden frame Medium: Acrylic Price: $1,000 CAD