Reflective Figure

One of my first oil paintings. When the pandemic arrived my first thought was that I would have more time to paint. But my concern about people in the world overshadowed my creative spirit preventing this. Instead, I found I needed to pause. This in turn invited much deep reflection about life, the future, and what was really important. In the face of that, I occasionally returned to my paints because I knew I needed to. So whenever I could, I picked the colours that moved me, the medium, oil or acrylic, and put paint on the canvas. Eventually, this image emerged. To me, she/he/they is an abstract of a person deep in reflection. To you, it may mean something entirely different. That is what abstract paintings are meant to do. Why did I start working in oil? First, I wanted to do more to reduce my use of toxic materials for the environment. I had been researching paints that were most environmentally friendly and by using oils found the following; in many paints, it is the pigment that is most toxic, the colours of oil paints are incredibly rich, oil paints take much longer to dry which meant I could use less paint and have more time to ‘move it around’ for the shapes and composition I was looking for. Also, their viscosity makes them ‘yummy’ to work with.

Dimensions: 20 X 20 “, 51 X 51 cm
Framed/Unframed: Framed
Medium: Oil
Price: $325 CAD

Thank you for your interest in this painting. For more details or to inquire about purchasing, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at 1-250-592-4402 or via email at I look forward to connecting with you.